Fayson Lakes Intro to Pickleball Class #1

Station 1

    • Stretching

    • Proper attire (shoes, eyewear, paddles)

    • Basic rules (2-bounce, Court size, non-volley)

    • Proper ready stance and paddle holding

    • Score keeping

    Station 2

    • Groundstrokes - The opposite of volleys, groundstrokes are hitting
      the ball after it has bounced. Groundstrokes can be tricky as bounces
      don’t always come up to you in the same direction.

    • Getting to the Line - Getting to the non-volley line quickly can be the
      difference between winning and losing. The player at the line has more
      ways to play the ball, but you have to be fast.

    Station 3

    • Dinking - Dinking is hitting the ball softly and making it drop straight to the ground after it passes the net.

    • Volley - A volley means hitting the ball before it bounces off the ground.
      This can be a move that throws off your opponent and allows you to
      control the pace of the game.

    Station 4

    • Serving - The serve is an important part of the game. When serving you
      want to send the ball as deep as possible to your opponent.

  • Returning the Serve - Remember, you want to keep your opponent away
    from the non-volley line, so a deep return is key.

Now let’s play a game and put everything you
learned into practice!

FLA Intro to Pickleball Class - Lesson #2

Station 1

  • Warm-up

  • Recap

    • Stretching purpose

    • Proper attire

    • Basic rules (court size & lines, non-volley zone)

    • Proper ready stance and paddle holding (students practice)

  • Scoring & Lines

    • Review lines

      • In play & out of bounds

      • Serving - in play & kitchen

    • Serving

      • Cross court

      • Rotation of server (player 1 & 2)

      • 2-bounce rule

    • Scoring

      • Scoring points (only when in serving)

      • Announcing score

        • Serving team’s score

        • Receiving team’s score

        • Player position

      • When starting a game, start as player 2

Station 2 (recap stations 2-4)

  • Kitchen line warm-up

  • Groundstrokes

  • Getting to the line (no-volley line)

  • Dinking

  • Volley

Station 3

  • Let’s play

  • Pause play before next serve to discuss:

    • Hits

    • Who scored?


  • What’s App (Pickleball club, Beginner Group, Pickleball Class group)

  • Class correspondence: Chris Gander (973)800-2076 or fla.pickleball@gmail.com

  • General group: Dorota Rogulska: dorotar64@gmail.com

*Please feel free to initiate a game on either channel.

Please check the main channel to make sure games do not overlap*